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AGM Batteries

AGM batteries are the latest step in the evolution of lead-acid deep cycle batteries. They are superior for backup systems as well as marine and RV. iSustain Australia offers free delivery to most regional centres.

Absolyte agm batteries

Concorde agm batteries

Ultimate agm batteries

AGM 's are typically VRLA, valve-regulated lead-acid and are a type of low-maintenance lead-acid rechargeable battery. Because of their construction, VRLA batteries do not require regular addition of water to the cells. VRLA batteries are commonly further classified as:
Absorbent glass mat battery
Gel battery
Instead of using a gel, an AGM uses a fiberglass like separator to hold the electrolyte in place. These types of batteries have all the advantages of gel cell batteries, but can take much more abuse. They are also called "starved electrolyte", as the mat is about 95% saturated rather than fully soaked. That means that they will not leak acid even if broken.
Some advantages over gel cells and flooded deep cycle batteries:

• they cannot spill, even if broken, as all electrolyte (acid) is contained in the glass mats. In addition, since there is no liquid to freeze and expand, they are practically immune from freezing damage.
• charging voltages are the same as for any standard battery - no need for any special adjustments or problems with incompatible chargers or charge controls.
• low self-discharge - from 1% to 3% per month is usual. This means that they can sit in storage for much longer periods without charging than standard batteries. Basically, an AGM can do anything a gel cell can, only better. However, since they are also sealed, charging has to be controlled carefully or they can be ruined.


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AGM Batteries
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