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Wet Cell Batteries

Flooded wet cell deep cycle batteries are one of the best storage solutions for the average off grid system, and are the most common type of deep cycle battery today. iSustain Australia sells a range of flooded batteries, we also offer free delivery to most regional centres.

Exide Energystore RAPS Wet Cell batteries
Century Yuasa Enersun SSR Wet Cell batteries
SUNCYCLE AS Series Wet Cell Lead Acid Batteries

Exide RAPS

Enersun SSR

Suncycle AS Series

Wet cell deep cycle batteries can be forgiving to a point and are not as delicate as the Gel and AGM's when it comes to an overcharge situation. The cost and life cycle is certainly lower than the alternatives. Wet cell deep cycle batteries have thick lead plates that are alloyed with antimony, and are flooded with an electrolyte and water mix.
The electrolyte levels must be checked monthly and topped off with distilled water. Wet cell batteries can be ruined by not maintaining proper electrolyte levels. Wet cell batteries should never be installed in living areas, and should be stored in a compartment with ventilation. This is due to the gas that is given off as a natural result of charging. High quality deep-cycle wet cell batteries will offer good performance and are available in many dimensional sizes and Ah capacities.


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Wet Cell Batteries
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